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Kenda Kikuyu is a specialised variety of Kikuyu that has the best winter colour of any warm season grass. It is suited for high traffic, cool, non-humid areas.
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This turf has considerably less thatch than other varieties of Kikuyu and other turf. Because grass stems, roots, clippings and debris accumulate less in Kenda Kikuyu, you don’t have to perform as much maintenance. It consistently outperforms other types of turf on sports fields and racecourses. It is extremely durable and does not need frequent patching. Kenda Turf thrives in cold and frost, showing 50% more growth compared to common Kikuyu and Village Green in the same conditions.
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Weed and insect resistant

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You should mow a Kenda Kikuyu lawn every 7-10 days in hot months and every 3-6 weeks in cold months. Height should be kept around 2-5cm in sunlight, and 5-7cm in shaded areas. This kind of grass requires watering every 7-10 days in summer and much less or no water in cooler months.

No seeds, non-invasive

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